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Electric Fireplaces
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We help improve your visibility by preparing your products for online sales. A Cross Channel strategy to maximise results.
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Warehousing, Logistics, Shipping, Support and integration with those who know the online world very well will now no longer be your problem.

Showers in
Stainless Steel

Inox Collection is a range of special products with simple lines but a strong emotional impact. Stylized, they are a modern furniture product. Non-invasive, simple and designed for pool edges. The satin finish Inox AISI 316 is ideal for an elegant and design-oriented product.

Solar Heating Showers

Created with the idea of combining an eco-friendly lifestyle in one product. It uses the sun as a source to heat water, which is contained in a tank inside the shower. Made of resin or aluminium, it is designed for family use with a large water capacity.


SINED chaise lounges can be used without problems in houses with a swimming pool. They are resistant thanks to their HD polyethylene material. They do not suffer from atmospheric aggression.


The Sined outdoor fountains, of design, are the ideal element to enrich an outdoor space full of life and fantasy, so much so that they become the focal point of the entire garden. They are available in various sizes, all of high quality. They are made of HD polyethylene and have all accessories in matt black metal.


Everything for outdoor and indoor infrared heating. Exclusive items specially made by SINED for its customers. Maximum comfort for various applications, both commercial and domestic. Very useful in rooms in constant contact with the outdoors, this avoids unnecessary waste of energy, as the infrared is dedicated to a specific area without dispersion in the air.


Wide choice of electric fireplaces for wall or floor installation. Exclusive design and cutting-edge technology. All with realistic flame effect, to be used alone, without switching on the heating. With the supplied remote control you can control and set all their functions. Great price and discount when ordering.


New fireplace or retrofit into an old one? You can also breathe new life into your old fireplace with one of our built-in fireplaces. Only top quality fireplaces from SINED. Wide choice, both in design and size, they are great for all interior settings. Ideal for reception rooms.

heaters (380V)

For this purpose, we propose the new infrared technology, which allows radiant heating that directly transfers heat to the workers' covers. Today it is possible to overcome this problem with targeted heating, i.e. heating the actual working area and not the entire volume of the company.

You win

We provide you with 35 years of sales experience, including 25 years in online sales management. Thanks to a significant financial investment, we have developed a platform for those who want to work professionally, complete with ad hoc procedures and systems to manage lists, inventories, orders, enquiries, returns guarantees and breakdowns. We offer manufacturers an integration with our systems, online publication on our shops and on the main Italian and foreign marketplaces.
Updated price lists
Disponiamo di un database cloud centralizzato dal quale partono tutti i nostri aggiornamenti. In tempo reale comunichiamo variazioni di prezzi e di gamma e disponibilità a tutta la rete di negozi.
Updated stocks
Dallo stesso database centrale gestiamo le giacenze di tre logistiche in Italia, e la logistica in Spagna.
Data Sheets
We provide optimised data sheets for each product in the catalogue with all the necessary information for those wishing to purchase. Real-time configurators for product ranges.
We have optimised images ready in various formats to enrich your online shop with main images and galleries all at the click of a button.
Logistics with personnel specialised in the preparation of packages of all sizes. Special attention on fragile products.
Disponiamo di integrazione con i principali corrieri nazionale e internazionali, sia per spedizioni espresse che per spedizioni camionabili.

25 years of

Over the past years, we have believed in new markets, sometimes we have made mistakes, but we never got discouraged and never gave up on our goal. Today we are one of the best positioned brands in the field of outdoor showers and short-wave infrared heaters.

The online market requires more and more professionals in this field.  The market is running and we with it.  All or almost all manufacturers have tried to ‘taste’ the online sales sector, but it happens more and more often that companies give up due to a lack of results, prices that are too low and leave this market to the competition. We provide a solution to this.

Response time

In a short time we can test market responses

Growth Estimates

Based on the product sector, we can estimate possible growth

Development team

We have several flexible and effective working groups

SINED Products

Solar showers, stainless steel showers, sun beds, garden fountains, electric fireplaces...

Showers sold

Sales figures for SINED solar and stainless steel showers from 2021 to 2022

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SINED heater models sold since 2021

Presence in several countries

We do not only sell in the EU, but we ship almost everywhere in the world.


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Isola della Scala hosts our structured logistics with special services to better meet the needs of online sales.
Logistics centre capable of handling orders from all over Europe, thanks to professional services specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers and e-commerce operators.
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