Sined IR-A Shortwave heater CALDO-IRA-INOX-2000

If you have arrived here, it means that you are interested in infrared heating.

We have been interested in this type of heating for several years with excellent results and great customer satisfaction. We always keep our prices under control, also because our items are exclusive, designed and manufactured especially for us according to our technical specifications.

Our Infrared Heaters are designed with the aim of reducing energy consumption and pollution, as required by Directive 2009/125 / EC and continuously improved in performance.

In this case we offer you the Sined IR-A Short-Wave Heater CALDO-IRA-INOX-2000W

This heater and infrared heater has been specially designed for the European and Italian markets. It has the possibility of power adjustment at three levels 100%, 66% and 33%.

Another special feature, you can tilt this heater at an adjustable angle of 0°, 15° and 30° during installation.

Sined Caldo Ira inox 2000 infrared heaters allow maximum energy savings and are the perfect solution for heating a thermo pergola or winter gazebo.

To meet the needs of our customers we can offer you the best price with a discount when ordering, if you need more pieces just ask for a customised offer!

Don’t waste the opportunity, call us, there will always be someone there to answer you, even if only for advice.

Want to know more? I will list the main features
– Structure made of anodised aluminium and steel with protection grid and LED display.
– Short-wave infrared electric heater IR-A and remote control, has an IP65 waterproof rating for outdoor use.
– Outdoor heater has the advantage that it reaches its maximum power to heat your environment in less than 8 seconds.
– Maximum power 2000W adjustable in 3 levels
– Made of aluminium and steel
– Protection grid
– Maximum power and lt- 8 seconds
– Short IR-A wave
– Golden halogen heating tube
– Adjustment angle 0°, 15°, 30°
– Up to 5000 hours of life
– LED display
– Control via remote control or on/off switch


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