How to save on heating a 380-volt shed

29 September 2022

Used for both industrial and domestic purposes, a three-phase electrical system is a safe and reliable system, better power management and consumption distribution, all with minimal maintenance. Contracts with electricity suppliers are cheaper for a three-phase system. A Sined infrared heating system is the most suitable product for heating a hall efficiently.

What is a three-phase electrical system? It is an alternating current system that is based on 3 conductors with a voltage offset of 120 degrees. It consists of 3 cables, which connect to three single-phase generators. Each of these cables has its own abbreviation, R – S – T, or L1, L2, L3. For Italy, which follows European standards, the cables used have a voltage of 400V, while the fourth cable, the neutral, is 230V.

What are the advantages of a 380V system? Compared to a single-phase system, in a three-phase system the current is better optimised, as the three generators work in synergy, which means that consumption will also be better. For example, if a system consumes 6 kW, the system distributes the consumption over the three phases, all to the benefit of safety.

Where is it used? Today it can be safely installed for both industrial and domestic use (for medium to large homes). Much depends on consumption or the amount of current required. In a 3 kW plant, one does not need such an installation.

This whole introduction was necessary in order to introduce you to our latest model of the powerful 4000W infrared heater, the Infrared4000INDUSTRIAL-MPC. This heater is designed and manufactured in every part to achieve maximum energy yield with great savings in electricity. You can position it on the wall or ceiling without any problems, it is equipped with everything you need to do so. In a shed it hangs at a height of 2.8 m with chains and heats only the operators and the inverted cone area below it. Imagine the sun through a window: only what is hit by the sun’s rays is heated an infrared heater only switches on when operators are working and switches off immediately afterwards No need to heat the whole hall! Save money by heating Risparmiare riscaldando

How does it work? Thanks to its special aluminium radiant panels, its specially coated surface and its internal heating elements, this infrared heater generates and transfers heat to people and surrounding objects after it is switched on. The heat is spread in the form of radiation, emitted by the surface of the radiant panel, which is transferred to people, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc. as if it were sunlight. Radiant heating will not lead to a transformation of the air, but the air will remain fresh and clean and moisture will be preserved. The even distribution of heat conveys a sense of naturalness and freshness similar to solar heat.

Why buy it

Convenient: No wind, light or odour will be generated when using this product, and the indoor air will remain clean and dust-free.

Energy-saving: Highly efficient in heat generation and heating via long-wave infrared radiation, intelligently controls temperature and saves power and energy. High energy efficiency, this model transforms 99.99% of the power into heat

Reliable: The internal temperature of the industrial heater can be adjusted freely, regardless of the seasonal outdoor temperature.

Physical benefits: Long-wave infrared radiant heating has beneficial effects on circulation and subcutaneous cellular organisation by producing resonance, releasing micro-circulation barriers, regulating the nervous system, promoting metabolism and increasing the body’s physical capabilities. Radiant heating brings excellent health benefits to people.

Safety long waves are even beneficial to health and do not create any danger to users

Installation This professional heater requires installation by an electrician.

Its features

  • Waterproof IPX4 splash-proof casing
  • Overheating protection
  • Economical, No maintenance costs
  • Energy-saving, constant heat distribution, no heat loss
  • Quick heat-up 2 minutes
  • Maximum heating efficiency 99.99%
  • No dust, noise, smell or light
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Heat sensation directly on the body
  • Also excellent for houseplants
  • Slim and light design
  • Ceiling mounting possible
  • Certifications CE, CB, SAA

Where is the three-phase infrared heater indicated?

  • hotels
  • farms
  • bars
  • sheds
  • hangars
  • churches
  • garages
  • warehouses
  • workshops
  • restaurants
  • greenhouses
  • work area
  • domestic use

Saving is necessary, ecological, cost-effective

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