Fountains for pools and gardens

Garden fountains are an indispensable element in garden design. They enhance the garden with bright colours and different designs and create a unique atmosphere. Standard colours are black, green, white, red and dove grey. Sined designer outdoor fountains are the ideal element to enrich an outdoor space full of life and fantasy, so that they become the focal point of the entire garden. They can be purchased in various sizes, all of high quality. They are made of HD polyethylene and have special matt black metal fittings. Depending on the model, the fountains are equipped with special accessories such as buckets and irrigation hoses.

Uses of garden fountains

Garden fountains or fountain spouts have multiple uses. They can be used for cleaning objects, watering plants, washing if they are equipped with a hose, etc. Their uses are many and varied. They are indispensable tools in those homes that have gardens, whether they are gardens with or without pools, large or small. Garden fountains are particularly useful and necessary in all these cases. SINED’s FONTANA AQUA and AQUA PRO garden fountain models are characterised by their high-quality DPE (high-strength polyethylene) finish that is resistant to UV rays, limescale and salinity. They are perfect for use in private parties, gardens, swimming pools or similar outdoor locations. Sined’s FONTANA TRITONE and TRITONE PRO garden fountains are made of UV-, lime- and salinity-resistant HDPE (high-strength polyethylene). A different garden, no more dreary fountains. Decorate your garden with bright colours and different designs.

Garden fountains in various sizes and materials such as resin or aluminium. Special products for garden use.

Ideal for a garden full of life, colour and fantasy. Low fountains designed for quick use as a foot-wash after a day in the garden. Fountains with taps, showers or irrigation hoses. Easy installation. We are looking for garden centres, nurseries, hardware shops, DIY shops interested in our products. Become an authorised dealer and do not hesitate to contact us.



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