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Do you need products for your online site? It happens more and more often that online shops suffer because manufacturers are slow and do not provide the material to publish products quickly. So many different files, so many configurations, a thousand phone calls …. and the clock is ticking. So we set up a team of people to analyse your site and propose the most suitable products for your sector. Availability in a single file (excel, csv or other) so that you can import the products we propose into your e-Commerce without any problems. Sheets, images, gallery and prices all instantly available. A dream for those who work online and have to interface with unorganised producers.

Thus was born a collaboration that we call channel. Are you an Ebay wizard and do you find these products very interesting? Let’s talk about it. You want an exclusive for a product range and think you are the right partner? Let’s evaluate your potential together. Are you interested in a product but would like it to be produced under your brand name? We are at your disposal. Contact us, a representative will be interested in your request.

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UNITED WE WIN Business and potential

We believe a lot in what we have built, but we are certain that there are realities similar to ours that have believed and invested as we have over the years. Joining ideas, joining forces serves to optimise costs and to be able to invest further in the future.

Don’t think that you are small and that no one will ever listen to you. Be proud of what you have built and share your knowledge. Those who work seriously with tenacity learn quickly and produce ideas.

Start Ups
We optimise management costs, making the best use of the human resources indispensable for this market
We gather partners' ideas for new projects, developing and integrating innovations into existing solutions
We believe that resources are the company's real assets, to be channelled and organised to achieve objectives.
The big online giants have important but not always immediate and effective strategies. Speed, flexibility and verticality enable us to win our war.
Start Ups
We follow small start-ups with interest, they don't always take off, but they bring new ideas to the sales landscape.
Without collaboration many projects could not come to life. We believe in our partners with whom we have a constant, daily collaboration.

Our logistics

VERONA Our logistics in Italy
Isola della Scala hosts our structured logistics with special services to better meet the needs of online sales.
MADRID - BARCELONAOur logistics in Spain
Logistics centre capable of handling orders from all over Europe, thanks to professional services specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers and e-commerce operators.
Cartina Europa

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PRODUCTS FOR THE SUMMEROutdoor showers, sun loungers and garden fountains
PRODUCTS FOR THE WINTERInfrared heaters and electric fireplaces

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Copyright by All rights reserved