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Developing the market with new tools

It is important to emphasise the difficulty today in finding a manufacturer who has not already experienced the online world.

For us, they are our best partners.

They usually already have experience in the sector and have not had the desired results.

How did you approach this market?  In the same spirit as traditional sales?

Online is not a normal market, it has different rules.

Deal with us, rely on a team of professionals who have made online sales their core business for over 25 years.

How we approach

for certain results

Our strength is experience.

Every day we receive emails, increasing books and essays, courses, conferences from experts in online sales.

One immediately wonders, how come none of these illustrious professionals have an organised online structure?

The reason is simple it is only theory.

Experience comes from working in the field every day.

Over the years it has often happened that what was organised and planned the day before was old hat the next day.
Our company has invested a lot, never giving up.

It has optimised its order management cycles in an automated way, thus utilising human resources for pre-sales and after-sales where a human presence is still needed to convey trust to the customer.

You can be the best structured company but in many cases chat and email are less effective than a voice.

Development time.

Fast and immediate implementation and strategy development


Prospects for growth in the market. Italy is still the European tail end for online sales.

Planned Organisation.

Nothing is left to chance. Everything is organised and planned to maximise results


We look to the future with new ideas to turn into reality
Our Partners


There are many companies that have believed in the way we work, entrusting us with part of their market.
However, the opposite also happens, that we are the ones who give up a manufacturer or a sales channel.
Every month we receive an average of 50 requests for new affiliations and about 60 per cent are rejected.

Collaboratively manage potential markets through their cross-channel network. Proactive in emergency management. Professional and competent in both B2B and B2C markets.
Stefano Dentella

360 energie

Complete synergy in managing the market and dealing with borderline situations. A reliable partner to bet on and invest in.
Andrea Benedek


MPC SRL div Sined is a really serious, motivated, punctual and above all very professional company.
We like working with them because they have shown professionalism, are punctual and really competent.
We appreciate first of all that they are always open to suggestions and ready to act.
Roberta Ibbadu

Agenzie CM

Quality products and services. A custom-oriented philosophy that makes you feel pampered and cared for.
Fiorella Masola


The ubiquity of the service as well as the undisputed quality were the decisive points for choosing to start a partnership together. And the results were not long in coming.
Fortunato Valente

Gruppo Valente

Our logistics

VERONA Our logistics in Italy
Isola della Scala hosts our structured logistics with special services to better meet the needs of online sales.
MADRID - BARCELONAOur logistics in Spain
Logistics centre capable of handling orders from all over Europe, thanks to professional services specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers and e-commerce operators.
Cartina Europa

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