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What is a Roll-Up?

A roll-up is an advertising medium consisting of a base onto which a plastic or fabric panel is attached, printed with a promotional or informative image.

The use of a roll-up can be very effective in trade fair, promotional or presentation contexts, as it allows a message or commercial proposal to be communicated clearly and immediately.

Furthermore, thanks to its light and easy to assemble and disassemble structure, the roll up represents a practical and versatile solution for promoting your business in a dynamic and visible manner.

In our case, it is an excellent means of presenting SINED‘s chaise lounges, made to roll up and delivered with a convenient shoulder bag.

SINED chaise longues are modern and innovative furniture items designed to offer maximum comfort and relaxation in every situation. These chaise longues are distinguished by their ergonomically designed shape, which follows the curves of the body and allows for a completely relaxed posture.

SINED chaise longues are made of high-quality fibreglass or polyethylene materials. This gives the chaise longue an elegant and sophisticated look, perfect for any home or outdoor setting.

SINED chaise longues are available in different models, all finished in every detail, easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free over the years.

Ideal for indoors and outdoors, garden, pool, beach, hotel and generally for all outdoor activities.

We have two types of chaise longue in our catalogue, in fibreglass and in high resistance polyethylene.

Fibreglass with exclusive characteristics:
– CE
– Luxury
– Long-lasting
– Material: high-quality fibreglass
– Very resistant to extreme temperatures
– UV-resistant
– High tensile strength
– Excellent for outdoor use

High-quality polyethylene with unique characteristics:
– CE-certified
– Can be used in water
– Floats in water
– Modern
– Luxury
– Long-lasting
– UV-Resistant
– Material: high-quality polyethylene
– Very resistant to extreme temperatures
– UV-resistant
– High tensile strength
– Technology: rotational moulding technology

Thanks to their innovative, particularly sophisticated design and high quality construction, the SINED chaise longue is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture, even outdoors, that offers moments of relaxation and well-being in any situation.

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