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What is the Roll-Up?
The roll-up has always been an effective and versatile marketing tool for us to promote our activities. How to present your product in a professional and elegant way. It is a large fabric banner that is rolled up on a retractable stand, which is easy to transport and can be assembled in seconds.

Thanks to its size and visibility, the roll up is ideal for use at trade fairs, events, showrooms and points of sale, but also in the office or during company presentations. Customisable with any logo, image or text. The roll up allows us to effectively communicate our corporate identity and promotional messages.

Try one of our AISI 316L stainless steel showers from Sined, the leading brand in daily wellness solutions, and buy your favourite model now.

A Sined stainless steel shower is the ideal solution to enjoy outdoor showering all year round with style and design.

Extremely well cared for in every detail with valuable accessories, we do not hesitate to call them, the best stainless steel showers on the market.

Excellent value for money, which makes them affordable for everyone, with excellent durability.

The stainless steel outdoor showers are made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees durability and weather resistance, and are also ideal for marine environments, as the stainless steel used is AISI 316L.
Thanks to their modern, minimalist design, they integrate perfectly into your outdoor space, from the garden to the swimming pool.

In addition, Sined stainless steel outdoor showers are extremely easy to clean and maintain, as they are UV, salt and weather resistant. This makes them perfect for use in any outdoor context, whether private or commercial.

Available in different sizes and models, the stainless steel showers come complete with exclusive accessories to meet all your specific needs. Choose from the wide range the stainless steel shower that suits you, this will also allow you to create an excellent furnishing accessory.

High quality, care for design, attention to the smallest detail and uniqueness characterise all the Italian excellences that are so appreciated all over the world.
Even if industrially manufactured, everything comes from an Italian studio and under strict supply chain directives such as the control of the various samples tested in Italy, up to the complete product and its certification.
The internal design was followed by a staff of Italian specialists, who analysed every single component, considering possible problems and studying solutions to prevent them. All to define high-end products!

Everything is made with the highest quality materials for every detail. Every single component has been selected with extreme care. The products are marketed with a series of useful, not to say indispensable, accessories that are normally paid for separately.

The physical production was then entrusted to an Asian factory with great know-how, and internationally recognised for its extremely precise quality control. The production facilities and ultra-modern machinery employed are so expensive that only such vast economies of scale can sustain them.

Whether you are looking for an elegant and modern design option for your garden, or a durable and easy-to-clean solution for your swimming pool, Sined stainless steel outdoor showers are the ideal choice at affordable prices for everyone.

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