Sined 1800W infrared heater with highly ecological remote control, Black

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Infrared wifi heater there is no ventilation so no movement of dust Infrared wifi heater 1800W ideal for heating indoor and outdoor spaces with low operating costs Infrared heater 1800W no noise or smell Infrared ceiling heater extremely easy its installation and maintenance Infrared wall or ceiling heater

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The 1800W power heater is made of aluminium alloy, creating a high electrical and thermal efficiency. The same is covered by a special NANO paint, the emitted rays are not harmful to the eyes but also have a bebeficial effect on the health of the person.
Unlike conventional heating they have low carbon emissions with great energy savings.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor (if protected), terrace, gallery, patio, balcony, church, garden, barbecue, gym, veranda, pergola, awning etc.
Possibility of being installed on the ceiling or wall

Main features:
– There is no ventilation and therefore no movement of dust.
– IPX4 waterproof, splash-proof enclosure
– Fast heating, heat is evenly distributed in just 5 minutes
– Overheating protection
– Economical, No maintenance costs
– Energy saving, Constant heat distribution, no heat loss
– No dust, noise, smell or light that could damage the eyes
– Easy installation
– Maintenance-free
– Heat sensation directly on the body
– Also great for apartment plants
– Possibility of wall mounting
– The infrared heater is equipped with a mounting socket
– 4 power settings 25% – 50% – 75% – 100%

Main technical features of the 1000W infrared panel

Power Coverage area Voltage Rated Current Surface temperature Dimensions cm
Weight kg
1800W13-18 mq 230V 50/60Hz 7.8A 300 °C 115×18.9×6.7 6.9

Main applications of the infrared heater
– heater for terrace,
– heater for tunnel,
– heater for bar
– heater for churches
– patio heater,
– heater for warehouses
– heater for workshops
– heater for restaurants
– heater for balcony,
– heater for work area
– suites
– verandahs
– gymnasia
No air flows, lights or odours are generated when using this product, and the indoor air remains clean and dust-free.
High efficiency in heat generation and heating by radiation, intelligent temperature control and energy saving.
The room temperature can be adjusted at will, regardless of the seasonal outdoor temperature.
Physical benefits:
Radiant heating has beneficial effects on circulation and subcutaneous cell organisation by producing resonance, releasing microcirculation barriers, regulating the nervous system, promoting metabolism and increasing the body`s physical capabilities. Radiant heating brings excellent health benefits for people.

WIFI for the maximum comfort of our customers. You can easily download the dedicated App, App WIFI Tuya Smart, from Google Play and App Store iOS.

On Google Play, for android, at this address e hl=it e gl=US

On the App Store for iOS, at this address

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