Sined Acqua Garden Fountain With Lateral Water Connection In Polyethylene Red



red garden fountain with high quality inner tube that withstands a pressure of up to 15 bar drinking fountain for condominium, practical, economic and very robust outdoor drinking fountain complete with everything for easy assembly. red outdoor drinking fountain with lateral water inlet only red drinking fountain street furniture made of HDPE, resistant to UV rays, limestone and saltiness

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Italian project and design for this red cold water fountain for outdoor use. Faucet in black metal alloy and provision for garden hose quick couplings.
Also recommended as street furniture given the quality of construction with exclusive accessories. The side water connection is made of HDPE (high-resistance polyethylene), resistant to UV rays, limescale and saltiness, also perfect for marine environments.
Internally high quality hose that withstands a pressure of up to 15 bar with a length of 80 cm, internal diameter 6 mm and external diameter 14 mm.

Main features
– Ideal for gardens, swimming pools, condominiums, beaches, dog areas
– Height 100 cm
– Diameter 8 cm
– Black Matt metal alloy tap
– Ready for garden hose couplings
– Fixing dowels included
– Internal 15 kg braided and metal hoses
– Lateral water inlet only
– Easily movable
– Easy and immediate installation,
– No special skills required for installation
– Easily sanitised.
– Fountain made of HDPE (high resistance polyethylene) resistant to UV rays, limescale and saltiness.
– Suitable for all outdoor activities, including marine environments.
– Ideal for garden irrigation or outdoor areas.
– Simple to set up, it adapts easily to many environments.

Use commercially available cleaning agents for cleaning. Do not use cleaning agents containing solvents, abrasive cleaning agents or hard sponges, brushes, etc.

Additional information

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 18 × 27 × 99 cm

HD Polyethylene








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