Sined Aluminium Infrared Heater For Indoor And Outdoor Use 3200w Black

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With a power output of 3200 watts, the HeaterInfrarossi3200-MPC stands as a leader in technological innovation in the heating industry, offering a professional heater that clearly stands out from others on the market. The nanotechnology-based coating not only gives a sophisticated and elegant appearance, but also ensures exceptional durability. In addition, thanks to its IPX4 rating, the luminaire is splash-proof, making it ideal for a variety of settings, including outdoor settings. The heating system ensures even heat distribution in as little as 5 minutes, with efficiency approaching 99.99% perfection. This results in a warm and cozy environment in a short time. Its subtle, undulating design makes it not only a functional solution, but also an aesthetic complement to any environment. It blends harmoniously into both indoor and outdoor environments, offering a heating solution that does not compromise the aesthetics of the space. Easy installation and maintenance-free operation make the HeaterInfrarossi3200-MPC a smart and long-lasting investment. For added peace of mind, it comes with CE, CB and SAA certifications, attesting to its safety and compliance with European and international regulations.

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TheInfrarossi3200-MPC Heater: The Perfect Heating Panel for Every Environment

With the advancement of technologies in the heating sector, theInfrarossi3200-MPC Heating Panel emerges as the star. This state-of-the-art ceiling and wall-mounted device offers professional heating with an incredible power output of 3200 watts. But it is not just the power that makes it unique, it is the combination of design, efficiency and versatility.
The Infrared3200-MPC heater represents the fusion of design, functionality and efficiency, offering an unparalleled heating solution for any environment.

One of the distinctive features of theInfrarossi3200-MPC heater is its paint finish, made using an advanced nanotechnology treatment. This not only gives it an elegant appearance, but also guarantees a long service life and optimal protection.

With an IPX4 protection rating, this panel is designed to withstand splash water, making it ideal for outdoor installations. You do not have to worry about overheating, as it comes with an integrated protection system. This heating panel has the capacity to cover an impressive area of 40 square metres, distributing the heat evenly.

The Infrared3200-MPC heater is not only functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing. With a slim, lightweight wave design, it can be mounted on both walls and ceilings, fitting perfectly into any environment, indoors or out.

If you are wondering where you could use this incredible device, the options are virtually endless. Whether you have a hotel, a bar, a church, a gym, a hotel, an office, or any other space that requires targeted, environmentally friendly, economical and immediate heating, this heating panel is the answer.

Some of the main features that set it apart include:

Fast heating: in just 5 minutes, you will feel the even distribution of heat.
Economy: no hidden costs or maintenance, just pure savings.
Efficiency: at 99.99%, heat loss is virtually non-existent.
Healthiness: no dust, no noise and no harmful emissions.
Easy installation and maintenance-free operation make the Infrared3200-MPC heater a smart investment. And to ensure safety and compliance, this heating panel is CE, CB and SAA certified.

Whether you have a busy restaurant, a quiet office or a flowery greenhouse, the Infrared3200-MPC Heater ensures a comfortable environment. Enjoy direct body heat and, if you are a plant lover, know that it is also great for houseplants. Each panel comes with everything needed for installation, making the process simple and straightforward.

Main technical features 3200W long wave infrared panel

PowerCoverage area
3200W40 mq 230V 50/60Hz 13.9A 300 °C 200×18.9×6.711.4

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