Sined Andromeda Chaise Longue Made Of High Quality Polyethylene 168x60x67 Cm White



chaise longue on offer, unbeatable value for money! White chaise longue, line and color that you can place anywhere, internally or externally. chaise longue for indoor use, ergonomic, light and easy to clean. outdoor chaise longue for many events, such as, birthday party, theater performance, wedding gift, society events, etc. colorful chaise longue, also great for hotel, restaurant, tea house, cafe.

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Floor standing chaise longue in white colour model Andromeda, deckchair made of high quality polyethylene. Sun lounger UV resistant, ergonomic, light and easy to clean.

Main features
Lightweight, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, modern, always in fashion.
Material High quality PE polyethylene
Dimensions 168x60x67 centimetersWeight 17 kg.
Manufacturing process: rotational molding
Resistant to extreme temperatures: -60 °C to 80 °C
Resistant to UV RAYS
High tensile strength
100% recyclable

Ideal for:
1. Home use: the garden, swimming pool, home bar, bedroom, etc.
2. Events: birthday party, theatrical performances, wedding gift, society events, etc.
3. Entertainment: bar, night club, KTV, Karaoke, disco, bistro, pub, beauty salon, SPA, cabaret, etc.
4. Catering: hotel, restaurant, tea house, cafe.
5. Other use: swimming pool, beach, park, marine dock, etc.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 168 × 60 × 67 cm







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