Sined Caldo Irb Nero Terra Outdoor Radiator With Pedestal 2000w Black And Grey



IR-B medium-wave infrared electric heater with carbon resistor with a power of 2000W adjustable on 3 levels with remote control and pedestal included Infrared panel for outdoor use made of anodized aluminium alloy and corrosion resistant stainless steel for a long life time Infrared heater for garden adjustable to 45 degrees for more movement Our pole mounted infrared heater has very low glare IP65 degree of protection against dust and water jets ideal for outdoor heating

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Electrical infrared heater complete with adjustable 2000W pedestal, radiation is via IR-B medium waves. Made from the highest quality materials of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for long lasting durability.

Outdoor infrared panel can be oriented at 45 degrees and has protective grill.

Infrared heater for garden has the heating element made of carbon, one of the merits that is low glare.

Infrared heater on pole has an operating time of 6000 hours, including remote control.

Infrared heater with pedestal has materials that resist corrosion, dust and water jets thanks to the IP65 degree of protection.

Effective for outdoor areas of apartments, garden, porch, garage, shed, bars, restaurants, factories and warehouses

Main features:
Pedestal for the ground
Adjustable power 2000W
Protection degree IP65
Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Max working time 6000 hours
Medium waves IR-B
Carbon resistance
Adjustable 45 degrees
Remote control included

Additional information

Weight 204 kg

Aluminum Steel Metal


Black and Silver




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