Sined Caldo Vetro Nero 2000 Wifi Wifi Infrared Heater With 2000w Crystal Black



Hot black glass with maximum power available in less than 8 seconds Black glass hot WIFI panel with 3 power levels 33-66-100% selectable from the supplied remote control WIFI heating panel ideal for outdoor environments with an IP65 protection rating WIFI infrared heat diffuser, heats an area of about 10 square meters WIFI hot black glass wall mount recommended for both homes and businesses, bars, sandwich shops, restaurants, beb, and all outdoor activities

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The elegant design distinguishes our high-power glass ceramic WIFI heater, which can heat up people in outdoor areas of up to 10 square metres.

App WIFI Tuya Smart, downloadable from Google Play and App Store iOS. Also with voice control via Amazon echo and Google Home.

Infrared WIFI heater with patented Black Schott ceramic glass. This glass is particularly suitable for outdoors due to its resistance to heat and thermal shock, corrosion and weathering. It also reduces light glare, which can be a dangerous and annoying problem.

The warm black glass is designed and manufactured in such a way that it blends in with its surroundings and any outdoor furniture.

The warm black glass outer panel diffuses immediate comfort by minimising light emission.

Wall- or ceiling-mounted installation

Main technical characteristics of the heating panel

– IP65 degree of protection, made of anodised aluminium with stainless steel fixing parts for outdoor use

– Mechanical ignition with on/off switch

– Stainless steel bracket for easy wall or ceiling mounting

– Remote control that controls
a) standby mode
b) 3 power levels 33-66-100%
c) switch-off timer up to 13 hours

– Maximum power available in less than 8 seconds

– Angle adjustable in 3 positions 0, 15 and 30 degrees

– Lamp life of more than 5,000 hours

– Glass operating temperature -30 +700 degrees

– Maximum glass temperature during heating 450 degrees

The heater is equipped with a programmable timer, (1 to 13h), once the time is selected, it automatically enters Standby
To activate the timer, point the remote control directly at the receiver and press the “1 hr” button , “01” will automatically enter Standby mode after 1 hour of operation.
While the timer is running, the number on the display shows the remaining time. For example, if the 13-hour timer is activated, the display shows “11” after 2 hours of operation –
There is a built-in safety function that will automatically activate the heater to go into standby mode after eight hours of continuous operation if the timer is not activated.
At this point the “- -” symbol will flash to indicate that the unit is in standby mode

Cleaning the infrared heat diffuser:
– Disconnect the unit from the power supply -.
– Do not use abrasive cleaning products on this unit.
– Clean with a damp cloth (not wet after the unit has cooled down) rinsed in warm, soapy water only.

Dimensions of the black glass wall heater mm. 74.2x11x13.9
Insulation class I
IP65 protection

Advice on how to install the device at a minimum distance of
– 2.2 m from the ground
– 0.5 m from walls
– 0.2 m from the ceiling
– 1.5 m from combustibles such as curtains
– 1 m from people or animals

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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 742 × 11 × 139 cm

Aluminum and Glass Ceramic








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