Sined Calore Nero 1500 Infrared Ceramic Heater 1500w Black



Black ceramic infrared heater 3 power modes: HIGH-MDE-LOW output (100% 66% 33% rated power) Infrared radiant panel also suitable for outdoor use protection degree IP65 Black infrared heat has better performance in very sheltered and windless outdoor or indoor areas, such as winter gardens Outdoor infrared panel with remote control included for all functions Black infrared heater with comfortable external cable 1.050 mm long

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Outdoor infrared heater series A7 IR-C , far infrared with no light emission. Extruded aluminum alloy heating element with ceramic infrared paint. Stainless steel bracket included, suitable for ceiling and wall mounting. Water proof: IP65, suitable for dust and rain outdoors. Best performance in very sheltered and windless outdoor or indoor areas, such as winter gardens.
Three power steps33% The heating mode lamp turns blue
66% The heating mode lamp turns green
100% The heating mode lamp turns red

Main featurespower supply 230-240 V 50-60 Hz
power W 1500
dimensions mm 1045x177x60
net weight 5.3
Cable H05RN 3G 1.0m2
cable length mm 1050
plug 16A IP44
surface temperature 330
visible light no
– Remote control – ON/OFF
– Shutdown timer up to 13 hours
– 3 power modes: HIGH-MDE-LOW output (10063 i rated power)
maximum power in 5 minutes
protection IP65
heated area inside mq. 3.6
outdoor heated area mq. 2.9
recommended installation height m. 2.1-2.3

– During the operation, it is necessary to check periodically (once a year) the contacts of the electric cables and the connectors of the terminals to verify the presence of good tightening.
– If the housing becomes dirty, wipe off the dust with a towel, and the heating boards should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.
– Never immerse the unit in water!
– After switching on the unit for the first time and after long periods of non-use, the unit may emit a slight odour for a short time. It does not affect the use of the heater.
– In order to exclude unpleasant burning smells, it is recommended to keep the heater clean by avoiding the accumulation of dust on it.

What`s in the box
– Infrared heater equipped with flexible cable and Shuko plug.
– Instructions for use and installation.
– A box containing 2 sets of brackets.
– An infrared remote control (AAA batteries not included)

The radiator panel heater produces radiant heat that warms objects rather than the air. Therefore, it is imperative that the objects to be heated (i.e. people), are within the surface area directly radiated by the heater.

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 1045 × 177 × 6 cm

Aluminum and Ceramic Glass








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