Sined Caminetto Vesuvio 2 m Long Builtin Electric Fireplace 1500w Black



Indoor electric fireplace for built-in or standing. Ideal for large rooms including representative rooms. Ideal for home, hotel, shopping mall, exhibition, hotel lobby, meeting room. Remote control included. You’ll be able to recessed or stand it, it also comes with handy feet. Flame effect adjustable in 6 levels of intensity. The fireplace arrives perfectly packed in a custom-made wooden crate. Two people are recommended for unpacking.

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2 metres of elegance and warmth! This promises and keeps the Vesuvio model built-in or freestanding electric fireplace, 200 cm long, flame effect created by LEDs and adjustable in intensity, 6 levels.

Two power steps 750-1500W. Can be controlled manually or with the included remote control. Possibility of using only the flame effect without the heating function.

Equipped with ERP (energy-saving) certificate, the ceramic motor is mounted inside a case, which avoids heating the walls of the fireplace. Heat output from the front.

Metal frame made of cold-rolled panels.

Large electric fireplace suitable for rooms over 30 square metres.

Ideal for homes, hotels, shopping centres, exhibitions, hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, large rooms, representation rooms.

The fireplace arrives perfectly packed in a custom-made wooden crate. Two people are recommended for unpacking.

This fireplace is suitable for embedding in furniture, plasterboard and fitted walls.
This is possible thanks to the feet made to be able to recess the fireplace, they must not be removed at all.

Why buy it?
– low operating costs
– easy to install
– modern, clean design
– safe
– remote control
– daily – weekly timer
– open window sensor, with buzzer alarm
– maintenance-free
– no chimney
– no smell, smoke or combustion residue

Key features
– Ultra realistic flame effect, adjustable in 6 intensity levels
– Total power 1500W with 2 possible selections 750 and 1500 W directly from the chimney or remote control
– Made of steel with cold-rolled panels
– Dimensions 200x20x50.7 cm
– Packaging dimensions 205x35x56 cm

Cleaning the fireplace body
– Always unplug the appliance from the socket and wait until it is completely cold before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance work.
– Clean the stove body with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Never use alcohol, detergents, thinners or other chemicals.

Please refer to the enclosed manual for all other instructions.

The Vesuvio fireplace is packed in a reinforced wooden crate measuring 56 x 25 x 205 cm in length and weighing 58 kg.
as it is very heavy, we suggest that at least 2 people are present when unloading.

Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 200 × 20 × 50 cm







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