Sined Design Infrared Panel And Remote Control 3200w Aluminum Black

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Power and Extended Coverage: With a maximum power output of 3200W, this panel can effectively heat an area of about 40 square meters, providing even and constant heat, ideal for large rooms or places that require quick and efficient heating. Elegant and Functional Design: The slim and lightweight design not only makes the panel aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to any environment, but with its versatile installation functionality (wall or ceiling), it fits perfectly in different settings without compromising the space or style of the room. Advanced Technology and Safety: The panel is equipped with high-class safety features such as IPX4 certification making it splash-proof and an overheating protection system. The ability to reach the desired temperature in just 2 minutes with a heating efficiency of 99.99% makes it one of the leaders in the heating field. Energy Savings and Sustainability: In addition to its high efficiency, the panel provides significant energy savings. In addition, its design also respects the needs of home greenery, making it an ideal choice for those who are eco-conscious and want a heating option that does not compromise houseplants. Versatility in Applications: Whether heating a hotel, bar, warehouse or workshop, the applications of this radiant panel are endless. Its versatility in use, combined with CE, CB and SAA certifications, makes it not only a high-quality product, but also a durable and safe investment for any heating need.

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The Revolutionary Heater: 3200W Infrared Radiant Panel

In an era where energy efficiency and comfort are at the heart of every choice, we present the 3200W Infrared Radiant Panel: the ideal solution for outdoor and indoor environments. This innovative technology represents a breakthrough in heating. Its maximum power of 3200W is able to cover an area of about 40 m2, ensuring uniform and constant heat.

Design and Functionality in One Solution
The panel’s slim and light design makes it aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to any context, without forgetting its functionality. Equipped with a remote control with a timer LED panel, it allows simple and immediate control of its functions, always guaranteeing the desired temperature. In addition, the wall or ceiling installation option makes it versatile and suitable for any environment.

Spicco features
Its advanced features such as IPX4 protection class make it splash-proof, while the overheating protection system ensures unparalleled safety. And that’s not all. The ability to quickly reach the desired temperature in just 2 minutes, with a maximum heating efficiency of 99.99%, puts it in a class of its own.

Not only efficiency but also savings: with this panel, you can enjoy direct body heat without waste. And for those who have houseplants, it is the ideal solution thanks to its design, which also respects the needs of domestic greenery. It is important to note that there is no power cord and plug included.

Versatility of use
Its applications are endless: from a heating solution for hotels, bars, churches, greenhouses, to an indispensable companion for warehouses, workshops, and work areas. Whether in a professional environment such as a restaurant or a domestic garage, the 3200W Infrared Radiant Panel is the answer to the needs of those seeking the ultimate in heating.

With CE, CB, and SAA certifications, this infrared heater is not only a high-quality product, but also a safe investment. Its power, versatility, and innovative design make it the perfect companion to face the cold winter months in style and efficiency.

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