Sined Floor And Wall Mounted Electric Convector With Power 2000w White

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Electric convector with white painted metal housing with stable feet and brackets for wall mounting, cable and Schuko plug Comfortable and efficient electric 2000W heater with remote control, also adjustable from the digital control panel, 3 heating levels and temperature control Silent convector without fan, heats absolutely noiselessly Space-saving low profile slimline convector, particularly suitable for installation in confined spaces electric baseboard heater for home use and perfect for effectively heating an office, studio, gym but also the dining room of a restaurant or bar

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The search for the ideal solution for heating the rooms in which we live or work often clashes with the demands of space and design. An effective answer to this need comes from the practical electric baseboard heater. Not only does it provide a modern and elegant design, but it is also extremely versatile, suitable for every need.

With an output of 2000W, this electric stove is capable of heating rooms up to 20 square meters, making it an essential ally for cold winter days. Its versatility does not stop at the technical aspect alone: its design is designed to fit perfectly in both private settings, such as living rooms or bedrooms, and public settings, such as restaurants, offices, hotels, studios, yoga rooms, dance studios, and gyms.

Although its size is comparable to that of a baseboard, don’t be fooled: its efficiency is amazing. In fact, this electric low convector turns almost all of its energy consumption into heat, with an incredible 99 percent efficiency.

Its practicality also extends to how it is installed. Although it may seem ideal to be placed on the floor, it comes with everything necessary to hang it on a wall as well, giving total freedom on the choice of its placement.

This convector heater is an ideal solution for those seeking efficiency, design and versatility in a single product. Whether you want it in your home, office or public space, it will fit your needs perfectly.

But how does it work? This heater takes advantage of the natural convection of air. The hot air produced by the convector heater tends to rise, moving the cold air downward. This cycle continues naturally, without the aid of fans or other moving mechanical parts. This means that the device operates in complete silence, without consuming oxygen or producing odors.

Cleaning and maintenance
Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, it is essential to unplug the heater from the outlet and wait until the device is completely cold. When cleaning the heater, avoid washing it directly. Instead, opt for a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent, wipe it gently over the surface, then wipe dry. If you need to store it, use the original packaging and always make sure it is cold before storing it safely.

Main technical characteristics

PowerCoverage area Voltage Rated Current Surface temperature Dimensions cm
Weight kg
2000W 20mq 230V 50/60Hz 11.4 A- 120×12.5×24 5.2

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 120 × 125 × 24 cm







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