Sined Floor Heater1800 Electric floor heater 1800W, White

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Electric convector with white painted metal housing with stable feet and brackets for wall mounting, cable and Schuko plug Comfortable and efficient electric 1800W heater with remote control, also adjustable from the digital control panel, 3 heating levels and temperature control Silent convector without fan, heats absolutely noiselessly Space-saving low profile slimline convector, particularly suitable for installation in confined spaces Floor and baseboard heater, perfect for effectively heating an office, studio, gym but also the dining room of a restaurant or bar

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Practical floor and baseboard heater with an output of 1800W, more than enough to heat rooms of up to 15 square metres. Modern and elegant design that is well suited for both private and public use.

This electric heater with remote control is designed, and particularly suitable, for heating living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, offices, hotels, studios, yoga rooms, dance halls, gyms, etc.

Although very efficient, this electric convector is a little higher than a skirting board and goes well with any room in the house.

Extremely practical comes with a current to make it also a floor and wall heater, yes, you can also hang it on a wall.

Main technical characteristics

PowerCoverage areaVoltageRated CurrentSurface temperatureDimensions cm
Weight kg1800W15 mq230V 50/60Hz9.1 A-100×12.5×244.3

The proposed static convector exploits the natural convection of the air, using the physical law whereby the hot air rises up pushing the cold down.
You will therefore have a convector without moving parts, therefore no noise, no oxygen consumption, no flame and no smell!

Detail of the heating element made of aluminium + stainless steel and is highly efficient: transforms 99% of electricity into heat

Cleaning and maintenance
Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, make sure that the plug is unplugged from the power outlet and that the heater is cold.
Do not wash the heater directly, use a soft cloth with neutral detergent, clean and dry.
To store the heater, use its original packaging and make sure it is completely cold before storing.

Additional information

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 100 × 125 × 24 cm







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