Sined HOT IRA Outdoor infrared heaters with complete pole kit , Gray

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Elegant Infrared Radiant garden display with complete pole kit made of anodized aluminum and steel to have a long service life Outdoor electric heating via short-wave IR-A and IR-B angle adjustable to 0°, 15° and 30° KIT Stylishly designed outdoor infrared heater with aluminum grill and led display and remote control included Sined’s outdoor heating lamps are super efficient and have a life of 5000 hours to heat any of your environments Sined outdoor infrared lamps can stand in any environment thanks to each material that make this product the umnoco on the mercao with IP65 protection rating

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Easy to assemble, modular, extremely clear and performant, possibility to cascade articles. You can demonstrate the goodness of our articles to your customers quickly and comprehensively, all it takes is a little electricity!

Any type of heater or other article can be used.

This kit brings together the latest in infrared heating. All items can be placed on a pole made of aluminium and anodised steel.

Extremely safe, so can be positioned in all environments with IP65 protection. SINED’s heating lamps are ultra-safe, high-performance and all come with a useful dedicated remote control.

Excellent as an outdoor heating point, they are easy to use, zero maintenance and great energy savings.

Just a few cleaning tips:
– Disconnect the device from the power supply.
– After the device has cooled down, the housing can be dried.
– Do not touch the bulb element with your fingers as stains may form from such contact.
– Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents!
– Never immerse the device in water!

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