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Unique Adaptability: Designed specifically to meet the needs of a variety of professional environments such as sheds, hotels, greenhouses and outdoor activities. Its 4000W output ensures fast and targeted heating, ideal for spaces that need efficient and immediate solutions. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Not only does this heater provide even heat distribution, eliminating losses, but it is also extremely economical in terms of energy consumption. Its ability to activate only when operators are present makes it further sustainable, reducing energy consumption. Advanced Safety: With its overheating protection system and CE, CB and SAA certifications, users can be assured of a device that prioritizes safety. IPX4 water resistance also ensures splash resistance, making it suitable even in wet environments or where water splashes might occur. Functional Design and Advanced Technology: In addition to its slim and lightweight appearance, it offers the versatility of being mounted on both walls and ceilings, making the user experience even smoother. Health Benefits: Radiant heating not only provides an efficient heat source but also brings health benefits. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, contributing to better overall health of users, while providing an environment free of dust, unnecessary lights and odors.

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Industrial Infrared Panel 4000w HeaterInfrared4000INDUSTRIAL-MPC

The 4000W Industrial Infrared Heater is the ideal solution for all situations where powerful, efficient and targeted heating is needed. Made to meet the needs of a wide range of professional environments, the device is perfect for sheds, bars, hotels, greenhouses, gyms, hotels, churches, offices and many other activities, especially those outdoors. Its power and innovative design make it an indispensable tool where immediate heating is required and the available voltage is 380.

Spectacular Features:

IPX4 Water Resistance: Its casing is designed to withstand splashing water, making it ideal for places where the presence of liquids could be a problem.
Economics and Sustainability: It provides efficient heating with reduced energy expenditure. No maintenance costs are required and the heat is distributed evenly, eliminating any loss.
Rapidity: In just 2 minutes it can provide a direct heat sensation on the body, thanks to its almost total heating efficiency (99.99%).
Safety: The overheating protection system and numerous certifications (CE, CB, SAA) ensure safe use in all conditions.
Design and Practicality:
Its slim and lightweight shape, combined with the possibility of both wall and ceiling mounting, makes it extremely versatile and adaptable to any environment.
Advanced Technology:
With a voltage of 380V 50-60 Hz, current rating of 5.8A, and a surface temperature of 300°, this panel represents a peak of efficiency. Its dimensions of 2000x189x67 mm and a weight of 11.4 kg make it manageable, despite its powerful heating capacity.

Why it is a Privileged Choice:

Comfort: The absence of air movement, lights and odors during its operation ensures a pleasant environment and the air remains clean of dust and impurities.
Energy Saving: Its high energy efficiency makes it particularly sustainable. It activates only when operators are present, further reducing consumption.
Reliability: Internal temperature regulation regardless of external conditions.
Health Benefits: Radiant heating promotes blood circulation and metabolism, providing physical benefits and ensuring safety for users.
In conclusion, the 4000W Industrial Infrared Heater is a state-of-the-art product designed to provide high-quality heating service in a variety of professional environments. Its power, efficiency and design make it an ideal choice for those looking for the highest quality.

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Great service
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