Sined Infrared Heater With Bluetooth Audio 1800w Aluminum Black

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Unparalleled Efficiency: The 1800-watt output ensures quick and even heating over a 20-square-meter area, achieving ideal comfort in as little as 2 minutes. This energy efficiency not only ensures an ideal heat experience but also provides significant savings on your utility bill. Advanced Safety: With its overheating protection system and IPX4 certification, you can rest easy knowing that your environment will be heated safely and splash-proof, making it suitable even for wet spaces. Placement Versatility: Both wall and ceiling installation options offer exceptional flexibility, allowing you to tailor the heater to your specific space and needs. Immersive Experience: Bluetooth speaker integration elevates the heating experience to the next level, allowing you to not only enjoy the warmth, but also your favorite music with crystal-clear sound quality. Elegant and Essential Design: With dimensions of 1370x189x67 mm, the slim and lightweight design not only blends harmoniously with any décor but also optimizes space, providing maximum comfort without cluttering.

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Infrared Radiant Heater: 1800W – The Future of Comfort

We present our Infrared Radiant Panel with an amazing power output of 1800 Watts, the ideal heating solution for those who do not compromise when it comes to comfort and technology. This device is not just a heater, but an ideal companion for your moments of relaxation and work, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speakers.
Discover the comfort of the future with our 1800W Infrared Radiant Heater – where technology and well-being meet.

Distinguishing Features:

Energy Efficiency: With 1800W power, it provides instant heating, covering an area of 20 square meters, reaching the ideal temperature in just 2 minutes.
Safety: Equipped with an overheating protection system and IPX4 certified, making it splash-proof.
Practicality: It can be installed on the wall or ceiling, providing versatility in terms of placement.
Quality of Sound: Bluetooth speakers offer crystal-clear sound quality, making the environment even more inviting.
Design and Size: With a slim, lightweight design and dimensions of 1370x189x67 mm, it fits perfectly into any environment while maintaining an elegant appearance.
No Distractions: No dust, no noise, no smell and no harmful light. Just pure comfort.
Ease of Connection:
Bluetooth functionality is intuitive, making it easy to connect with various devices.

Perfect for Every Environment:
Whether you want it in a hotel, bar, church, gym, office, or even a greenhouse, this heater offers an efficient solution for every need. Even environments such as warehouses, workshops and patios can benefit from this technological gem. With its ability to provide constant distribution of heat without losses, it represents a revolution in the heating world.

Technical Details:

Power Supply: 230V 50-60 Hz.
Nominal Current: 4.3A.
Surface Temperature: 300°.
Weight: 8.3 kg.
Comes with power cord with plug and mounting kit.
Note: Bluetooth speaker does not support hands-free phone function.

Additional information

Weight 83 kg
Dimensions 137 × 189 × 67 cm







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