Sined Infrared Heater With Remote Control 3200w Bluetooth Speakers Black

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Ultra-Rapid and High Efficiency Heating: In just 2 minutes, the device is ready to heat, providing an outstanding thermal efficiency of 99.99%. You can count on impressive coverage of up to 40 square meters. Versatility of Installation: Thanks to its slim and lightweight design, you can decide where to place your heater — on the wall, ceiling or leaning against it. It fits harmoniously into any environment, from the office to the gym. Maximum Safety Guaranteed: IPX4 rating ensures resistance to splashing water, and with the overheating protection system, you can rest easy knowing you are safe. Perfect Union of Music and Warmth: The warming experience rises to the next level with built-in Bluetooth speakers. While enjoying the heat, you can also listen to your favorite music tracks, making every moment even more special. Economy and Sustainability: In addition to having no hidden costs or maintenance requirements, the HeaterInfrared3200SOUND-MPC promotes a green approach, helping you save energy while being environmentally friendly.

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Infrared HeaterInfrarossi3200SOUND-MPC: A New Standard in Modern Heating

Introducing the Infrared HeaterInfrarossi3200SOUND-MPC, a concentrate of power, functionality and innovative design. With an impressive power output of 3200 Watts, this model is not just a heating device: it perfectly combines heating functionality with musical entertainment through integrated Bluetooth speakers.
The Infrared3200SOUND-MPC heater represents the pinnacle of innovation in the world of infrared heating panels, providing a warm and cosy environment while allowing you to enjoy your favourite music.

Key Features
Remote Control Included: Adjust and operate the heater with ease with the supplied remote control.
Full Protection: The IPX4 enclosure provides protection against splashing water. In addition, the device incorporates an overheating protection system, ensuring safety in every situation.
Economy and Efficiency: Absence of maintenance costs and constant heat distribution guarantee considerable energy savings. In just 2 minutes, the device reaches its full heating potential, with an efficiency of 99.99%.
Clean Environment: Without dust, noise, odour or harmful light emissions, it ensures a pleasant and healthy environment.
Versatile Installation: Lightweight and with a slim design, the Infrared3200SOUND-MPC heater can be wall or ceiling mounted. Note: power cord and plug are not included.

Bluetooth speakers: When the heater is switched on, the Bluetooth speaker automatically enters pairing mode, allowing fast and intuitive connection with various devices.

How does Bluetooth work?
While enjoying the warmth, you can connect your device to the heater via Bluetooth. Search for ‘JH-HEATER-SPEAKER’ and connect your device. A flashing green light indicates a successful connection, while a red-green light indicates a pending connection. Note: The speaker does not support the hands-free function of the phone.

Versatile Applications
The efficiency, versatility and entertainment functionality of the Infrared3200SOUND-MPC heater make it ideal for a wide range of environments: from hotels, bars, churches and workshops to patios, garages, warehouses and even greenhouses. Whether you need to heat a restaurant, a work area or a patio, this device offers a targeted, cost-effective and immediate solution.

Main technical features of the heater with infrared speakers from 3200W

PowerArea of coverage
Voltage Current
Nominal Temperature
3200W40 mq 230V 50/60Hz 13.9A300°C 237×18.9×6.714.5

Additional information

Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 237 × 189 × 67 cm







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