Sined Lea Aluminium Curved Solar Heated Aluminum Shower With Footwash Gray



Sun shower for outdoor swimming pool, it is advisable to place it in the sunniest area during the day. aluminium solar shower with large 30 litre reservoir, this ensures many hot showers all day long. aluminum color solar shower also perfect for gardens and swimming pools in hotels, campgrounds and resorts. gray shower with solar heating, ecological, you will not have surprises in the bill, uses the heat of the sun. Aluminum outdoor shower also excellent for decorating your own outdoor spaces.

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If you want really hot water, choose from our Sined solar heated showers the dark black grey blue red ones

This solar outdoor pool shower offers a modern and elegant design, using the sun’s rays to heat the water in its 30-litre inner tank. Made of silver-coloured aluminium, it is highly resistant to atmospheric agents, guaranteeing a long service life.

Equipped with a large-capacity tank, this solar-heated shower stands out for its uniqueness. Its extremely elegant style makes it suitable for any outdoor environment and different contexts of use, such as gardens, hotel swimming pools, campsites and holiday villages.

Completely powered by solar energy, there will be no surprises on your electricity bill. The LEA aluminium solar shower is ideal for public and private use thanks to its large tank. It is also an excellent choice for beautifying outdoor spaces.

With a height of 225.4 cm and base dimensions of 14.7×27.7 cm, it features a square chrome stainless steel shower head measuring 20×20 cm. It also includes a limescale filter and a practical protective 190 cloth bag, supplied as a free gift for storage.

We would like to remind you that choosing a darker colour ensures a greater solar heat output. We recommend always placing the shower in the sunniest area during the day for optimal performance.

Each individual shower is pressure-tested by being immersed in a tub of water, then dried, checked and carefully packed with custom-made protection, ensuring the highest quality product.

Complete with
– Ideal for swimming pool gardens.
– Water tank 30 litres
– Height 225,4 cm
– Base dimensions 14,7×27,7 cm
– Footwash tap
– Inlet tap
– Square chromed stainless steel shower head 20×20 cm
– Overhead shower with antiscale nozzles
– Black brass accessories
– Anti-limescale filter
– High-quality mixer cartridge
– Recommended water pressure 3,5 bar
– Internal Braid hoses 15 Kgs pressure
– Protective bag, 190 cloth, for storing the product
– Fixing plugs included
– Fixing with special protective nylon bushings

Some advice
Leakage of water from the shower head after turning off the shower tap is not a defect but a technical requirement!
A solar shower is not a closed system. If there is a demand for hot water, cold water enters the tank from below through the valve, pushing out the hot water already in the upper part of the tank.
The entire shower body is filled with water and acts as solar heating.
The pressure formed as a result of the heating can escape from the shower head.

Dismantling at the end of the season
During the winter, the shower must be COMPLETELY drained of its water content. In addition, the shower must be dismantled and stored in a dry place during the winter.
Failure to observe this warning may result in frost damage to the product.
Frost damage is not covered by the warranty.
1) Close the shower and remove the garden hose.
2) To drain the shower, turn the mixer back to the “HOT” position (approx. 2 minutes) and open the drain plug.
3) Remove the fixing screws on the base and drain the remaining water from the bottom of the shower by tilting the shower (this is absolutely necessary!).

Use commercially available cleaning agents for cleaning. Do not use cleaning agents containing solvents, abrasive cleaning agents or hard sponges, brushes, etc.

Additional information

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Dimensions 277 × 147 × 2254 cm









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