Sined Led 1 Round Overhead Shower With Sensor An Different Led Light With Temperature Chromeplated



Round rainfall shower head with LED light that varies according to the temperature. Infrared shower head, with the gesture of the hand you can change the type of water jet. round rain shower head, small diameter but great jet power. shower head with LED light, the light automatically changes colour, blue less than 27°C, green between 27°C and 41°C, red with temperature higher than 41°C. shower head with LED light, no need of current or battery.

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Infrared shower head with 4 functions with sensor to change the water jet in rain, massage jet, jet, mist. It does not need battery or electricity, inside the body of the shower head is installed hydro generator that provides energy for its functions. Basically it uses the energy of the water.
With 3 LED colors, blue, green and red, the color of the LED varies with the temperature of the water. Shower head with universal connection.

Features shower head
– Diameter 12 cm
– 3-colour LED that changes colour depending on the water temperature
– temperature lower than 27° blue
– temperature between 27°C – 41°C green
– temperature higher than 41°C red
– infrared detection
– adjustable sensor
– 3 colour LED
– all functions are water powered, no battery.


SolutionNo water comes out of the shower heada) check the correct positioning of the washer
b) check that there is only one washer in the pivot head
Low water pressure or no jet
a) clean the shower head with vinegar/water solution (see cleaning instructions)
b) clean the filter
c) water pressure less than 20 psi
Leakage at connection between hose and pin head
a) check that only one washer is positioned above the filter

Additional information

Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 1239 × 1239 × 1194 cm

Stainless Steel AISI 316






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