Sined Led 3 24 Cm Round Rain Shower Head With Led And 3 Jet Functions Grey



Innovative Water Power: SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3 is pioneering in its operation, being powered entirely by water. This eliminates the need for batteries or recharging, offering a sustainable and uninterrupted shower experience. Effortless Control: With built-in infrared sensors, activating the showerhead becomes intuitive. A simple hand gesture and you’re ready to enjoy your shower, eliminating the need for complicated controls or buttons. Compatibility and Ease of Maintenance: Designed with a universal thread, this showerhead is compatible with most shower columns. State-of-the-art silicone nozzles prevent scale deposits, ensuring a steady, smooth flow of water. Enveloping Chromotherapy: The shower experience is elevated with the LED feature that changes color based on water temperature. This feature not only helps you identify the ideal temperature, but also immerses you in a chromotherapy session, adding a touch of wellness to your routine. Personalization at its Best: SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3 is not just a shower head, but a customizable spa. With its three different spray functions, you have the freedom to choose the mode that best suits your mood and needs at that moment.

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Shower head SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3: Innovation in your bathroom

Introducing our new shower head SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3, a concentrate of technology and design that will make your showers a completely new experience. The main innovation of this product? It is 100% powered by water, yes you got it right! Forget the hassles of recharging and worrying about changing batteries, with SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3 you have the future of showering in your hands, or rather, under your command.
Don’t wait to experience a new shower experience. SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3 gives you everything you ever wanted in a shower head!

Intuitive and Buttonless Activation
A simple hand gesture is enough to activate the shower head thanks to infrared sensors. Elegant and functional, you will not need to interact with buttons or other mechanisms.

Easy compatibility and maintenance
With its universal threading, SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3 can be combined with almost any shower column. And thanks to its modern silicone nozzles, limescale will no longer be a problem, ensuring a perfect water flow at all times.

A chromotherapy experience in the shower
Our overhead shower is equipped with an LED function that changes colour depending on the water temperature, giving you not only a refreshing or relaxing shower, but also a chromotherapeutic experience:

Blue when the temperature is below 27°C, ideal for cooling down on hot days.
Green between 27°C and 41°C, for a pleasant daily shower.
Red above 41°C, a visual signal that the water is really hot!
Customise your experience
With its 3 jet functions – rain, mist or water column – you will always find the perfect one for every moment.

Technical details of the SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-3:
Dimensions: Diameter 24 cm, height 11.5 cm
Three-colour LED to indicate water temperature
Adjustable sensor
Fully powered by water: no batteries to replace or recharge

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 114 cm

Stainless Steel AISI 316






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