Sined Led 5 Square Overhead Shower With 3 Jets Led Light And Infrared Sensor Grey



Eco-Innovation: SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-5 represents the epitome of sustainable innovation, operating completely on water power, eliminating the need for batteries. This feature not only respects the environment, but also ensures simplified maintenance and reduced operating costs over time. Square shower head, , all functions are water powered, no battery. Materials for Durability and Design: Manufactured from high-quality ABS and stainless steel, the showerhead promises not only durability and longevity, but also boasts a sleek and modern design, ideal for any style of bathroom. Intelligent Monitoring and Customization: In addition to intuitive touch-free technology, the showerhead is equipped with an LCD thermometer, allowing real-time monitoring of water temperature. The customizable sensor also offers the ability to adjust its sensitivity according to individual needs, ensuring a unique experience with each use. Compatibility and Versatility: With its universal 1/2-inch water connection, SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-5 is designed to fit seamlessly into most plumbing systems, making installation easy and hassle-free. Its compact size, while providing a high-quality shower experience, ensures that it can fit even in tight spaces.

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SOFFIONEDOCCIA-LED-5, The Future of the Shower: An Innovative and Environmentally Sustainable Shower Head

Discover the revolution in everyday wellness technology: the new shower head that combines functionality, design and ecology. Designed for those who seek a unique experience in the shower, this showerhead not only meets but exceeds all expectations.
This showerhead represents the perfect fusion of technological innovation and environmental concern. An investment in your daily well-being and in the future of our planet.

High Quality Materials:
Made of sturdy ABS and stainless steel, it ensures durability and resistance to external agents, while maintaining a sleek, modern look that fits perfectly in any bathroom environment.

Simplicity and Intuitiveness:
Forget complicated mechanisms and buttons. Innovative infrared technology allows you to activate and select between the three spray functions – rain, mist and waterfall – by simply bringing your hand near the sensor. A perfect synergy of simplicity and technology.

Fitted with a 1/2-inch universal water connection, the showerhead is designed to be compatible with most existing plumbing systems, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

Detailed Features:

Dimensions: With a compact design of 22×22 cm and a height of 11 cm, it fits perfectly into even the tightest of spaces without compromising power or functionality.
Infrared Technology:
Infrared sensing ensures an immediate response to your gestures, making the shower experience smoother and more intuitive.
Customizable Sensor:
Adapt sensor sensitivity to suit your preferences for greater precision and convenience.
Real-Time Monitoring: With the built-in LCD thermometer, you’ll always be in control of the water temperature, ensuring that every shower is exactly how you want it.
Escalable: All of this showerhead’s innovative features are powered solely by water, eliminating the need for batteries. One small step for your bathroom, one big step for the environment.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 1103 cm

Stainless Steel AISI 316






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