Sined Luna Outdoor Shower With Dual Iswitch Square Shower Head Connection With White Light



white hot and cold water shower made of HD polyethylene, high resistance. indoor outdoor shower, you can mount it in the bathroom of your home. white shower with LED head suitable also for campsites, tourist villages, bathing establishments, hotels, swimming pools, bed and breakfast. 2 anti-limescale filters (one for each inlet) and 190 cloth protective bag, for storage, as a gift Outdoor shower, unlike solar heated showers you won’t necessarily have to place it in the sun.

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Innovative white shower in HD polyethylene, for outdoor use with hot and cold water connections and 2 anti-limescale filters (one for each inlet). Practical mixer to regulate the water temperature. Double water connection, bottom and side. You can install it in the bathroom of your house or in outdoor spaces and make it a garden decoration. Super-equipped with a large shower head with LED light, water mixer and practical foot wash basin.
New, even from the footwash, if you want, you can use the hot water and mix it with the cold. Round base diameter 17.5 cm. H 223,5 cm. Chrome-plated brass taps
Shower head, made of 304 stainless steel, with anti-limescale silicone nozzles with two functions Natural rain and Waterfall. Chrome-plated brass taps.
2 anti-limescale filters (one for each inlet) and protective 190 cloth bag for storage, free of charge.

Equipped with a 3-way valve that allows the connection of hot-cold water pipes both at the bottom and at the sides. Particularly suitable for campsites, tourist villages, bathing establishments, hotels, swimming pools, bed and breakfast or for the bathroom at home.

The brand new shower head with infrared detector has the particularity of being able to vary the water flow with a simple hand gesture.

Lightweight and easy to install, it requires minimal maintenance throughout the year. Unlike solar heated showers, you don`t have to place it in the sun.

The shower is individually pressure tested by immersion in a tub of water, after the test it is dried, rechecked and carefully packed with customised protection.

Key features:
– High-quality accessories.
– Easy to clean and maintain.
– Separate hot and cold water inlets.
– Possibility of side and bottom water inlets.
– Highly resistant to atmospheric agents.
– Highly UV-resistant.
– Can be mounted in the bathroom of your house or in outdoor spaces as garden furniture.
– For indoor and outdoor use
– Ideal for gardens, swimming pools, spas and wellness centres.
– Height 223,5 cm
– Base diameter 17.5 cm
– Dual inlet pipes: Hot and cold water
– Footwash tap
– Double hot and cold water diverter in both the shower head and the footwash tap
– Special Large Shower Head Stainless Steel
– Shower head with anti-limescale silicone nozzles
– Brass accessories
– Inlet filling tap
– Drain plug
– Fixing plugs included
– Fixing with special protective nylon bushings
– 2 Limescale filters (one for each inlet)
– High quality mixing cartridge
– Recommended water pressure 3.5 bar
– Internal braid hoses with 15 Kgs of pressure
– Protective bag, 190 cloth, for storage

Showerhead features
– Dimensions 20×20 cm height 11.4 cm
– Infrared detection
– Natural rain
– Water fall
– all functions are water powered, no batteries.

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