Sined Natural Convection Electric Convector Heater 2200w With Remote Control White

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Contemporary Design and Versatility: Its modern and sophisticated silhouette not only enhances any environment, but also fits perfectly in domestic, professional and public settings. Adaptable Location: It offers unparalleled placement flexibility, allowing it to be placed on the floor, as a skirting board or anchored to the wall. Its height, similar to a skirting board, makes it an unobtrusive piece of furniture that blends seamlessly with interior design. Suitable for Diverse Environmental Needs: Its powerful heating capacity makes it the ideal option for a wide range of environments, from cozy living rooms to yoga rooms, hotels and professional studios, ensuring even heat at all times. High Energy Efficiency with Quiet Operation: Due to its ability to transform 99% of energy into heat, it ensures constant and efficient heating. The principle of natural convection also ensures quiet and safe operation with no moving mechanical parts, flames or oxygen consumption. Easy and Safe Maintenance: Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, all it takes is a soft cloth and mild detergent to keep it in perfect condition. The original packaging also facilitates safe storage when not in use.

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The Static Electric Fan Heater: Comfort, Elegance and Efficiency

At a time when design and efficiency are paramount, our Static Electric Fan Heater is born: a concentrate of power and style, ideal for heating rooms of up to 25 square metres with its powerful 2200W. Its contemporary silhouette makes it a versatile piece of furniture, adapting perfectly to both domestic and professional and public environments.
Choose comfort, convenience and efficiency. Choose our static electric fan heater.

Flexible location
One of its distinguishing features is its ability to adapt to users’ spatial requirements. Whether you wish to place it as a baseboard, on the floor or even on the wall, this convector heater offers such versatility. Its height, barely higher than that of a skirting board, makes it almost invisible, blending harmoniously with its surroundings.

Perfect for Every Environment
Whether you are looking to heat a cosy living room, a bedroom, a busy restaurant or an office, this convector heater is the ideal solution. Professional studios, hotels, yoga studios, gyms and even dance halls can benefit from its power and sleek design.

Energy Efficiency
Don’t let its compact size fool you: the device is capable of transforming as much as 99% of the energy consumed into heat, guaranteeing efficient and constant heating.

Natural Convection
Using the physical principle of convection, the hot air produced rises naturally, pushing the cold air down. This means that there are no moving mechanical parts, ensuring completely silent operation. The absence of flames, no oxygen consumption and no odour production make this convector a safe and environmentally friendly choice.

Maintenance and Cleaning
To ensure a long service life and optimum operation, it is essential to look after the convector carefully. Before any operation, it is essential to unplug the appliance and ensure that it is completely cold. Using a soft cloth and a neutral detergent, cleaning becomes child’s play. And when the time comes to store it, its original packaging will allow you to do so safely and conveniently.

Key features techniques

heated surface Voltage Current
Nominal Temperature
2200W 25 sqm 230V 50/60Hz 13.7 A- 140×12.5×246.1

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Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 140 × 125 × 24 cm







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