Sined Round Polyethylene Led Solar Outdoor Indoor Round Light Vase



Solar luminous round outdoor vase made of a material that is resistant to impact, UV rays, and adverse weather conditions. Solar luminous round vase for indoor can also be used as a plant pot Totally Made in Italy. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use throughout the year. Excellent as a piece of furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Imagine a piece of furniture that combines the elegance of a traditional plant pot with the innovative functionality of a lighting device: our self-charging solar outdoor light pot. This decorative solution respects the environment and ensures optimal energy efficiency.

This unique accessory shines thanks to internal LED lights that radiate light from inside the pot. You can choose to have constant illumination or vary the colour and intensity to your liking.

The vase fits perfectly in both indoor and outdoor spaces, making it the ideal element to brighten up a garden or courtyard, create a cosy atmosphere in a living room or mark the way at events or special occasions. When the lights are off, it looks like an ordinary vase, increasing its versatility.

If you are looking for the best way to enhance your garden, your pool, public open spaces or illuminate simple pathways, this vase is the right choice.

– The illuminating part is RGB, you can change the colour by remote control, intensity and luminous effect (steady or flashing).
– You can charge the lithium battery via the supplied USB cable (if you use it indoors, recommended for first charging).
– Underneath there is a button to switch it on, then it stays on and charges during the day and lights up by itself in the evening, the light must be adjusted with the remote control.
– When the light intensity drops below a grade, the system detects this and automatically switches the light on.
– A peg is provided at the base to fix them firmly to the ground.

Why should you choose it? Here are some compelling reasons:
– Proudly Made in Italy.
– Constructed from an impact-resistant, UV-protected and weather-resistant material.
– Its wide base ensures unrivalled stability.
– Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use all year round.
– Its light weight makes it easy to move.
– It can also be used as a simple plant pot.
– It adds a touch of elegance as a decorative element.

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