Sined Sole Nera Curved Hd Polyethylene Solar Shower With Tap And Footwash Black



black solar shower for the garden, with a practical protective cover and limescale filter as a gift. Black solar shower, no electrical connection to the grid to heat the water. Solar shower for garden, easy to install and operate for years. black solar heating shower, no waste and no carbon dioxide production. Black garden shower with everything necessary for its easy and quick positioning.

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If you want really hot water, choose from our Sined solar heated showers the dark black grey blue red ones

Elegant black solar heated shower, exclusive design and accessories in gunmetal black. Made of PEHD, non-toxic high molecular density polyethylene, very resistant to weather, UV rays and chemicals. Including the sturdy cover and limescale filter.
The black color is the one with the highest yield of heat from the sun. You won`t find a solar heated shower equal! Large shower head with anti-limescale nozzles.The jet of the solar shower head is much gentler than the jet of a traditional shower or tap, from the footwash only cold water.
Anti-limescale filter and practical protective bag, for storage, as a gift

Construction details to highlight
Shower twice as thick as the competition.
High-pressure 12 KGS internal hose
Inlet tap
Height 226 cm, shower head diameter 15 cm in brass.

ConvenientSolar shower that needs no permanent installation, you can move it wherever and whenever you want. All you need is solar energy and an easy connection to the water. Easy to install and operate for years.

Eco-friendlyNo electrical connection to the network to heat the water, just the power of the sun to bring it to the desired temperature. No waste and no carbon dioxide production

No permitsYou won`t need to apply for any permits for its location. However, if you live in a block of flats, you will have to comply with the relevant regulations.

Do I need a technician? Normally, you won`t need a plumber because of the particular construction, but you will need to have a water connection nearby. If not, then yes, you will need one.

The shower is individually pressure tested by immersion in a tub of water, after the test it is dried, rechecked and carefully packed with customised protection.

Complete with
– Water tank 25 litres
– Height 226 cm
– Base diameter 20×21 cm
– Foot wash tap
– Round shower head diameter 15 cm 6″ Brass
– Brass accessories
– Inlet filling tap
– Drain plug
– Fixing plugs supplied
– Fixing with special protective nylon bushings
– Limescale filter
– High-quality mixer cartridge
– Recommended water pressure 3,5 bar
– Internal hoses 12 kg pressure
– Weight 7,7 kg
– Includes protective bag for storing the shower

Some advice
Water escaping from the shower head after turning off the shower tap is not a defect but a technical requirement!
A solar shower is not a closed system. If there is a demand for hot water, cold water enters the tank from below through the valve and pushes the hot water already in the upper part of the tank outwards.
The entire shower body is filled with water and acts as a solar heating system.
The pressure created by the heating system can escape from the shower head.

Dismantling at the end of the season
During the winter period the shower must be COMPLETELY drained of the water it contains. In addition, the shower should be dismantled and stored in a dry place during the winter.
Not complying with this warning can cause frost damage to the product.
Frost damage is not covered by the warranty.
1) Close the shower and remove the garden hose.
2) To drain the shower, turn the mixer back to the HOT position (approx. 2 minutes) and open the drain plug.
3) Remove the fixing screws on the base and drain the remaining water from the lower part of the shower by tilting the shower (absolutely necessary!)

Consumer detergents should be used for cleaning. Do not use cleaning agents containing solvents, abrasive cleaning agents or hard sponges, brushes, etc.

Additional information

Weight 77 kg
Dimensions 20 × 21 × 226 cm

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