Sined Stufa Infrarossi Parete 2000 Wall Reflective Infrared Heater With Remote Control 2000w Grey



Wall reflective eyelid heater with total power of 2000W wall reflective heater with remote control supplied to manage all functions wall mounted heat diffuser with bracket for installation included infrared wall stove made of extruded aluminum for aircraft with stainless steel connections (grid, screws) adjustable infrared heater suitable for a large heating zone

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Practical and economical wall-mounted reflector heater with remote control, also excellent as a wall-mounted heat diffuser. Total power 2000 W. Protected against water jets with IP55

The heater has a built-in switch-off timer function that can be set from 1 to 13 hours

Technical features:
– 230-240V~- IP65 and class I
– Registered European design patent, unique on the market, suitable for any outdoor decor
– Extra low golden halogen lamp, immediate heating by shortwave infrared
– Extruded aluminum aircraft body with stainless steel connections (grid, screws)
– Specially designed extruded aluminum reflector- for a wide heating zone- Remote control: ON/OFF, Timer
– Rocker switch: On/Off, mechanical control and remote control
– Adjustable wall bracket included
– With cable H05RN 1,8M and SCHUKO plug IP44- Dimensions mm 596x135x320

Cleaning tips
– Disconnect the unit from the mains supply-
– After the unit has cooled down, After the device has cooled down, the housing can be wiped dry –
– Do not touch the bulb element with your fingers, as this may cause stains.
– The reflector should be cleaned regularly by professionals.
– Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents!
– Never immerse the device in water!
Installation adviceInstall the device at a minimum distance of
– 1.8 m from the ground
– 0.5 m from walls
– 0.2 m from the ceiling
– 1.5 m from possible combustible materials such as curtains
– 1 m from people or animals


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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 596 × 135 × 32 cm

Aluminum and steel






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