Asymmetric Infrared Heater CALDO-I-BOX

We would like to offer you the new outdoor infrared heater, CALDO-I-BOX, heat in a box!

Compact, inviting design, very powerful, with short-wave, low-glare IR-A lamp.

The special glass with asymmetrical radiation of the outdoor infrared heater heats a larger surface area than conventional infrared heaters.

Ideal for heating outdoor bars, shopping areas, terraces, gazebos, outdoor dining areas, pergolas, patios, balconies, outdoor living areas, verandas, communal areas etc.

The outdoor infrared heater is equipped with a remote control, with which you can select the 3 wattages 33% – 66% – 100%, a programmable timer and everything needed for its installation.

Let’s be clear about infrared.

These wavelengths are longer (‘infra’) than the waves in the visible light spectrum, the longest of which is red. Hence the name ‘infrared’. Infrared wavelengths are in turn divided into families: those with longer wavelengths belong to the ‘far infrared’ family.

But what are the advantages?
– It does not generate convective motions that move dust and does not create significant temperature gradients.
– Compared to normal convection heating, for example, heating systems that transfer and store heat in the air are definitely enemies of comfort and energy saving. In contrast, infrared rays only warm people, and things.
– Unlike normal convection heating, which uses the recirculation of cold air to heat it, infrared heating heats bodies directly.
– With infrared heating, the energy required for comfort is drastically reduced, by up to 50/60%.
– In terms of efficiency, a 1,000 W infrared heater achieves the same performance as a 2,000 W convective heater, with unparalleled comfort.
– IR radiation does not generate electromagnetic fields comparable to those found in mobile phones, computers and television screens.
– It is recognised as having therapeutic properties (stimulating blood microcirculation and tissue regeneration) and is used in medicine (e.g. in incubators for newborn babies) and in saunas.

All this justifies our efforts to offer, even and especially in times of energy crisis, outdoor infrared heaters with these technical features.


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