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Pannello riscaldante caldo vetro

SINED Caldo Vetro Infrared Heaters

Brand new infrared heater with patented glass. This glass is particularly suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to heat and thermal shock, corrosion and weathering. It also reduces light glare, which can be a dangerous and annoying problem.

The entire electrical part is completely watertight, sealed with a silicone gasket.

Excellent for heating outdoor areas with IP65 protection, it provides total protection against the penetration of solids, liquid penetration from drops, vapours, splashes and jets of water in any direction. In this degree of protection, liquid penetration must not damage the equipment

Can be installed on a pole with anti-tip support.

Heats up in less than 8 seconds and in addition to the remote control comes with an anodised aluminium bracket, making it suitable for outdoor areas industrial warehouses, goods handling, terraces
Easily tiltable 0, 15 and 30 degrees, making it usable in any position and for any purpose.

Sined Infrared Hot Glass Heater Panels with black glass front. A sober and elegant appearance combined with proven effectiveness.
IR-A short-wave infrared heaters with wall and ceiling mount, with a total power output of 2000W, complete with remote control that can manage the three power levels 33-66-100% to optimise power consumption according to heating requirements.

The elegant design distinguishes the high-power glass-ceramic heater, which can heat people up to 10 square metres.

Sined Infrared Hot Glass Heaters are designed and manufactured in such a way that they blend in with their surroundings and any interior or exterior décor.
They provide immediate comfort by minimising annoying light emission.

It can be installed on walls, ceilings or for limited areas on a dedicated pole. This last possibility makes the infrared heater particularly useful and flexible in its use.
You can move it wherever you want and heat the area most in need of warmth.

The heater is equipped with a programmable timer that automatically puts the heater in
Standby mode after 1, 2, 3, 4 … max. 13 hours of operation.

    • Black glass heater with maximum power available in less than 8 seconds
    • Black glass heating panel with 3 power levels 33-66-100% selectable from the supplied remote control
    • Warming panel ideal for outdoor use with an IP65 degree of protection
    • Infrared heat diffuser heats an area of approximately 10 square metres
    • Black glass wall heater recommended for both homes and businesses, bars
      sandwich shops, restaurants and all outdoor activities

Infrared heaters with patented Black Schot glass ceramic panel. This glass is particularly suitable for outdoors due to its resistance to heat, thermal shock, corrosion and weathering. It also reduces light glare, which can be a dangerous and annoying problem.


Transforms 99% of consumed electrical energy into heat


Quick, quiet and discreet heat


Italian warranty managed by an Italian company


Multilingual manuals and customer support for the whole of Europe

There is a lot

Each Sined Panel is manufactured according to strict quality standards.
Italian quality
Product testing verified in Italy by an Italian certification company
Products insured by an Italian insurance company
Italian Design
Aesthetics, design and product specifications are Italian
Verified Italian CE certification
The product warranty is Italian and managed by an Italian company
European shipping, certified courier-proof packaging

Specifiche Riscaldatori Infrarosso Caldo Vetro Sined


Model Hot Glass
Ean 8025431012233
Dimensions in cm. 74.2 x 11 x 13.9
Power at 230 V 2000 W
Heating Type Infrared Shortwave IR-A
Material Aluminium and Glass Ceramic
Net Weight (Kg) 3.05
Accessories Remote control included as standard
Colour Black
Hot Infrared Heaters Sined Glass
  • Waterproof: IP65 for indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum power available in less than 8 seconds
  • Maximum surface temperature 450° C during use
  • Aluminium anti-corrosion resistance
  • Operating temperature -30° C to +700° C
  • Short-wave IR-A
  • Golden halogen heating tube
  • Adjustable angle of 0°, 15°, 30°
  • Up to 5000 hours of operation
  • Wall or ceiling mounting bracket included
  • Positioning at 80° for concentrated heat
Riscaldatori Caldo Vetro Sined Technology
Riscaldatori Caldo Vetro Sined Technology
Riscaldatori Caldo Vetro Sined Technology
Riscaldatori Caldo Vetro Sined Technology


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