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Natural convection

Sined electric floor convectors

Sined electric floor convectors

The famous Spanish sculptor Pablo Picasso said, after the Romans, nothing has been invented any more!
Well, this we propose is the oldest known convection heating. Already for the Romans, natural convection was the movement of air in the room caused by a change in temperature. Of course, in modern times it has been slightly modified to take advantage of the latest technology.

What is convection heating?
Quite simply a heater with no moving parts that heats, statically, and exploits the natural movement of air by moving it. In a nutshell, cold air passes through the heater, is heated and circulated.
The warm air naturally rises to the top of the room, creating a recirculation by moving the room volume, and captures the cold air to transform it.

Clearly you will have maximum energy savings in this natural way of heating a room.

The proposed static convector heater exploits the natural convection of air, using the physical law by which hot air rises at the top pushing cold air down.
You will therefore have a convector heater with no moving parts, so no noise, no oxygen consumption, no flames and no smell! Ideal for heating children’s rooms or offices.

This electric heater with remote control is designed, and particularly suitable, for heating living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, offices, hotels, studios, yoga rooms, dance halls, gyms etc.

Although very efficient, this electric convector heater is little taller than a skirting board and fits well in any room of the house.

Extremely practical, it also comes with the fittings to make it a floor and wall heater, yes, you can even hang it on a wall

The series of these heaters includes models ranging from 1800W up to 2200W. The unique design allows them to be placed in any environment, home or office, they are so slim that they can be positioned at the height of a skirting board!

Supplied with everything for possible wall installation.

Special features
– metal body and fireproof material
– quick and efficient heating
– remote control included
– 24H switch-off
– 3 heating powers, low, medium, high
– can also be controlled from the front panel
– anti-tilt safety lock
– switch-off timer from 1 to 24H, with 1-hour intervals
– practically no maintenance, use a soft cloth with neutral detergent, wipe clean and dry.

  • Electric convector heater with white painted metal casing
  • Solid support feet and can also be wall-mounted
  • Complete with cable and Schuko plug
  • Adjustable power at 3 levels
  • Remote control supplied
  • Controls also panel-mounted on the front, settable temperature
  • Silent static convector heater, heats without making any noise
  • Low and narrow space-saving design, particularly suitable for tight spaces
  • Perfect for domestic use


Transforms 99% of consumed electrical energy into heat


Quick, quiet and discreet heat


Italian warranty managed by an Italian company


Multilingual manuals and customer support for the whole of Europe

There is a lot

Each Sined Panel is manufactured according to strict quality standards.
Italian quality
Product testing verified in Italy by an Italian certification company
Products insured by an Italian insurance company
Italian Design
Aesthetics, design and product specifications are Italian
Verified Italian CE certification
The product warranty is Italian and managed by an Italian company
European shipping, certified courier-proof packaging

Sined electric floor convectors

Model Floor heater 1800
Code RiscaldatoredaPavimento1800-MPC
Power Floor heater 1800
Measures 100×12,5×24
Ean 8025431058538
Type Convection

Painted metal

Weight 4,3 Kg

Remote control included

Colour White
Model Riscaldatore da pavimento 2000
Code RiscaldatoredaPavimento2000-MPC
Measures 100×12,5×24
Ean 8025431058545
Type Convection

Painted metal

Weight 5,2 Kg

Remote control included

Colour White
Model Riscaldatore da pavimento 2200
Code RiscaldatoredaPavimento2200-MPC
Measures 140×12,5×24
Ean 8025431058552
Type Convection

Painted metal

Weight 6,1 Kg

Remote control included

Colour White
Sined electric floor convectors
  • No light or noise emission
  • Adjustable power at 3 levels
  • Three available power levels 33-66-100%
  • 1800W, 2000W and 2200W models
  • Convection heating system
  • Space-saving design
  • Floor or wall installation
  • Rapid heat
  • Overheating protection system
  • Remote control as standard
  • Switch-off timer up to 24 hours
  • Manual Sined electric floor convectors
Termoconvettori elettrici da pavimento Sined
Termoconvettori elettrici da pavimento Sined
Termoconvettori elettrici da pavimento Sined
Termoconvettori elettrici da pavimento Sined
Termoconvettori elettrici da pavimento Sined


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