Sined Heating Systems

Sined Heating Systems are the flagship of our company. Infrared heating lamps for both indoor and outdoor use, convectors and radiant panels. Each season we expand our offer of Sined Heating Systems as we believe strongly in the effectiveness of this method as an adjunct to an existing heating system. In addition, it is often the ideal choice for outdoor or poorly cosy rooms that cannot be heated with traditional methods. Amongst the Sined Heating Systems on offer are models with remote control, remote management via App and WiFi, and various powers from 600 to 4000 watts depending on requirements. We have also thought about installers and industrial environments, with three-phase models and extra long panels; our range also differs in size: we start at 80 cm and go up to 2.15 metres. Different sizes to cover large areas to be heated, without light emission.

Sined Heating Systems help your heating system.

They assist and enhance traditional heating systems, solving special needs that are otherwise manageable. They are excellent in gardens, gazebos, rooms where it is necessary to create a pleasant warm area for an aperitif or dinner. Ideal in the mid-season at home when the heating is off but an area of the house needs to be warmed up. All models can be installed on the ceiling or wall; for more special requirements or temporary set-ups we also have floor lamps with one or two heating lamps. The surface does not give off uncomfortable light so they are perfect for heating rooms in a natural and neutral way. If you are an installer or designer please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we have products for every heating need.



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