Power 4000W

Riscaldatori Ceramici da parete Sined

Sined Industrial Infrared Heaters

Sined industrial infrared heaters for indoor and outdoor use. Power 4000W 380V specially designed for industrial use to heat warehouses

Normally, industrial areas are very large and heating them is indeed a problem today. Currently, the most commonly used systems for industrial heating are gas or oil. It is evident that these types of fossil heating are often ineffective. It also greatly influences a company’s overheads.

Today, this problem can be remedied by targeted heating, i.e. heating the actual working area and not the entire volume of the company.

For this purpose, we propose the new infrared technology, which enables radiant heating that directly transfers heat to the workers’ covers.

The heating in this way is channelled to the individual workstation(s) or goods movement.

Think of a large hall where several workstations are located, instead of heating the entire volume of air, which is a lot, with this technology you will be able to heat ONLY the workstation you are interested in.

The peculiarity of these systems, in fact, relates precisely to their ability to heat only where necessary, avoiding waste and thus allowing considerable energy and economic savings.

This type of infrared heater, unlike those of its competitors, uses long-wave infrared rays, IR-C, which do not cause glare that can damage eyesight,
nor are they irritating to the skin. They are, therefore, extremely safe as well as reliable and efficient systems.

Nothing detracts from the fact that this type of heater can also be used in the home, the only recommendation being that they need three-phase current.
In confirmation of this, some of our customers have converted their home system to three-phase.
It sounds strange, but the word three-phase sometimes frightens, nothing could be more wrong. A three-phase system optimises electricity consumption by reducing consumption and making maximum use of electricity.

Of course, you will be provided with everything you need for assembly. All spare parts available for Italy and Europe. Without supplied remote control, ON-OFF only.

Below are some considerations from our customers

Date: 19-01-2021
Finally, a heater that delivers what it promises. Placed under a canopy where goods are handled manually, it offers a lot of protection against the cold. My employees are satisfied. Grazie Massimo

Data: 20-02-2022
Ho un allevamento di mucche e avevo bisogno di diversi riscaldatori a infrarosso. Dopo una ricerca su Google mi sono orientato per questo articolo con molta soddisfazione anche perchè ho abbassato i consumi in azienda. Soddisfatto! Luca.

Data: 30-03-2022
Avevo letto sul sito la parola industrial, credevo fosse destinato solo ad applicazioni particolari. L’ho acquistato ugualmente e posizionato a soffitto nel gazebo esterno in giardino. Una bomba! Grandi serate con gli amici a giocare a carte. Lo ricomprerei assolutamente. Guido

  • Waterproof IPX4 splash-proof casing
  • Overheating protection
  • Economical, No maintenance costs
  • Energy saving, constant heat distribution, no heat loss
  • Quick warm-up 2 minutes
  • Maximum heating efficiency 99.99%.
  • No dust, noise, smell or light
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sensation of heat directly on the body
  • Also good for houseplants
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Ceiling mounting possible
  • Certifications CE, CB, SAA


Maximum heat available in just 2 minutes


Innovative aluminium surface and ceramic coating


Italian warranty managed by an Italian company


Multilingual manuals and customer support for the whole of Europe

There is a lot

Each Sined Panel is manufactured according to strict quality standards.
Italian quality
Product testing verified in Italy by an Italian certification company
Products insured by an Italian insurance company
Italian Design
Aesthetics, design and product specifications are Italian
Verified Italian CE certification
The product warranty is Italian and managed by an Italian company
European shipping, certified courier-proof packaging

Sined Industrial Infrared Heaters

Modello 4000 INDUSTRIAL
Codice RiscaldatoreInfrarossi4000INDUSTRIAL
Power 4000W
Measures 200X18,9X6,7
Ean 8025431054783
Type Long waves
Material Aluminium
Weight 3,05 Kg
Equipment Schuko plug
Sined professional heating panels
  • 380V 50-60 Hz
  • Rated current 5.8A
  • Surface temperature 300°
  • Overheating protection
  • Protection class IPX4
  • The 4000W infrared heater is supplied with mounting hardware
  • Manual Sined industrial heaters 4000W
Riscaldatori infrarossi Sined 4000W
Riscaldatori infrarossi Sined 4000W
Riscaldatori infrarossi Sined 4000W


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9.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. / 2.00-6.00 p.m.

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