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Wi-Fi Infrared Heaters Sined

This is it! Maximum energy saving, environmentally friendly and healthy heating, unique and functional design. All this in an infrared heater!

So not only have we managed to come up with technologically excellent radiant heaters, we have also succeeded in creating them with an exclusive and enviable design.

Long-wave IR-C, far infrared with no light emission. Healthy for humans without any contraindications.

Further consideration, they are all programmable from the supplied remote control and equipped with WIFI technology. the ultimate in convenience, you can set them up and use them directly from the sofa at home or the office.

Great flexibility in their intended use, they can practically be installed in any environment, both domestic and commercial. Very useful for saving on electricity consumption even in condominium areas!

Powers ranging from 1000W to 3200W, all single-phase models practically suitable for home use, possibility of setting up to four power steps and timer for switching off.
Hard to find better!

Downloading the WIFI application, in this case the Tuya Smart WIFI App, is very easy, below are the relevant links for both Android and iOS:

On Google Play, for Android, at this address

On the App Store for iOS, at this address

Secure Infrared, Longwave IR-C. All spare parts available for Italy and Europe.

Why buy them?
– Fast heating, in just 5 minutes the heat is evenly distributed
– Overheating protection
– Economical, No maintenance costs
– Energy saving, constant heat distribution, no heat loss
– No dust, noise, smell or light that could damage the eyes
– Easy installation
– Maintenance-free
– Heat sensation directly on the body
– Also excellent for house plants
– Wall and ceiling mounting possible
– All infrared heaters are supplied with mounting accessories

– for terraces
– for art gallery
– for bars
– for churches
– for patios
– for warehouses
– for workshops
– for restaurants
– for balconies
– for work areas
– for flats
– for verandas
– for gyms
– for condominium areas

  • Long-wave infrared heaters
  • Remote control supplied
  • App via Wi-Fi available for iOS and Android
  • Complete with everything for installation
  • Zero light emissions, no sound
  • Protection class IPX4 protected against splash water
  • Energy saving.Constant heat distribution, no heat loss
  • Easy installation on both ceiling and wall
  • 4 power settings 25% – 50% – 75% – 100%


Quick heat, in less than 5 minutes without light, dust, noise and odour


Innovative aluminium surface with nanotechnology coating


Italian warranty managed by an Italian company


Multilingual manuals and customer support for the whole of Europe

There is a lot

Each Sined Panel is manufactured according to strict quality standards.
Italian quality
Product testing verified in Italy by an Italian certification company
Products insured by an Italian insurance company
Italian Design
Aesthetics, design and product specifications are Italian
Verified Italian CE certification
The product warranty is Italian and managed by an Italian company
European shipping, certified courier-proof packaging

Wi-Fi Infrared Heaters Sined

Model Wi-Fi
Code RiscaldatoreInfrarossi1000WIFI-MPC
Measures 69,5×18,9×6,7
Ean 8025431011625
Type Infrared Longwave
Material Aluminium with nanotechnology coating
Weight 4,5 Kg
Equipment Shuko cable, Remote control, iOs and Android App
Colour Black
Model Wi-Fi
Code RiscaldatoreInfrarossi1800WIFI-MPC
Power Floor heater 1800
Measures 110×18,9×6,7
Ean 8025431011632
Type Infrared Longwave
Material Aluminium with nanotechnology coating
Weight 6,8Kg
Equipment Shuko cable, Remote control, iOs and Android App
Colour Black
Model Wi-Fi
Code RiscaldatoreInfrarossi2400WIFI-MPC
Measures 159,5×18,9×6,7
Ean 8025431011649
Type Infrared Longwave
Material Aluminium with nanotechnology coating
Weight 9,4 Kg
Equipment Shuko cable, Remote control, iOs and Android App
Colour Black
Model Wi-Fi
Code RiscaldatoreInfrarossi3200WIFI-MPC
Measures 209,5×18,9×6,7
Ean 8025431011656
Type Infrared Longwave
Material Aluminium with nanotechnology coating
Weight 12,2 Kg
Equipment Shuko cable, Remote control, iOs and Android App
Colour Black

In short, that’s why choosing one of the

Wi-Fi Infrared Heaters Sined
  • Waterproof IPX4 splash-proof casing
  • Fast heating, even heat in just 5 minutes
  • Energy saving, constant distribution, no heat loss
  • Maximum heating efficiency 99.99%.
  • No dust, noise, odour or light that could damage the eyes
  • Easy installation, maintenance-free
  • Sensation of heat directly on the body
  • Also good for houseplants
  • Equipped with power cord with plug
  • Certifications CE, CB, SAA
  • The infrared heater is supplied with mounting hardware
  • Manual Infrared Heaters WI-FI
riscaldatore infrarossi con app wifi, potrai comandarlo comodamente in poltrona
Riscaldatore infrarossi con wifi ed app dedicata per Android e iOS
Riscaldatore infrarossi con wifi, economico, ecologico e praticamente senza nessuna manutenzione
Riscaldatore Infrarossi con APP Wifi e telecomando
Riscaldatore a infrarossi gestibile da remoto via app Installata nello smartphone
Pannello riscaldante a infrarossi veloce, in soli 5 minuti
Pannello riscaldante a infrarossi con telecomando e App


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